Support & Maintenance

Support and Maintenance
Support & Maintenance

The maintenance and support contract offers:

  • Regular (1) inspection of the Network, server and workstations, software configuration and issues including backups ensuring smooth operation. Workstation caches are cleared regularly to ensure reasonable PC speeds.
  • Phone support (2) or visit where necessary relating to these areas during this period.
  • If a server or workstation is deemed inoperable every effort is made to ensure business can continue as normal.
  • Non business issues will be resolved at mutually convenient times.

The following is charged independent of the contract

  • Work arising in addition to agreed
  • Not associated to maintenance of Network/ Server/ Workstations/ Software/ Backup
  • Breakages or errors caused by staff or visitors.
  • Upgrades to the Network/Computers – generally the life span of a computer is 3-4 years but with care it can be extended to up to 5+ years.
  • Hardware or software costs as required and only purchased on your behalf with your authority.